Here's how we work together

Each Champion approaches inclusion and diversity as a personal mission. As a group, we agree to mutual commitments, discuss common areas of focus and gain insights from shared learnings.

Our Kaupapa

As Champions for Change, we are committed to achieving excellence in four drivers of inclusive and diverse workplaces. These are the foundations for our individual action and collective group impact. Together we:

Drive Change

We build the case for change and communicate the value of inclusion and diversity.

Measure Progress

We commit to holding ourselves accountable, internally and externally, for change.

Promote Flexibility

We lead work cultures that are inclusive and flexible, so individuals can flourish.

Develop Leaders

We support recruitment and development pathways to promote diversity in leadership.

Mahere mahi. Our plan of work
Within each of our commitment areas we set specific objectives that guide our work plan.  

As part of driving the case for change, we:

  • Challenge the status quo to communicate the value of inclusion and diversity 
  • Create and share relevant research, resources and case studies to build on, and communicate, the case for change 
  • Proactively share stories of both success and challenges within the Champions group, to role model action-taking and to provide group learning opportunities

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As part of creating measurement and accountability, we:

  • Deliver gender and ethnicity reporting, so that individually and collectively, we have stronger understanding of our diversity metrics and can track our progress
  • Become a leading voice on diversity reporting 
  • Work with key stakeholders to explore how pay equity issues should be sensibly addressed  

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As part of mainstreaming inclusive and flexible workplaces, we: 

  • Lead inclusive and flexible work cultures that attract, maintain and unlock productivity and maximum potential from top talent
  • Share research, tools and insights for leaders that support the leadership of inclusive workplaces - including shared experience on both the benefits and challenges 

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 As part of growing talent pools and diverse leadership capability, we:  

  • Support recruitment and development pathways for a new generation of diverse leaders driving Aotearoa New Zealand's future economic growth and social prosperity.
  • Understand and address the barriers for diverse employee groups in entering and succeeding at work in corporate New Zealand. 
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