Mainstreaming inclusive and flexible workplaces

The majority of people working in New Zealand either already work flexibly or want to in the future. To support this trend, we've developed a Flexible Workplaces Toolkit, to support the leadership of flexible workplaces.


Champions share how workplace flexibility supports the attraction and retention of top talent,
 increased creativity and innovation, and the ability to ensure an agile response to changing market needs.

Why workplace flexibility matters

Attract and retain top talent

Gain access to a broader talent pool

Achieve increased productivity

Respond to changing market needs

Flexible Workplaces Toolkit 

Flexibility is widely recognised as a key enabler for building inclusive and diverse teams, and enabling creativity and innovation. As Champions, we each commit to creating work cultures that are inclusive and flexible, allowing individuals to bring their whole selves to work. We also agree to share research, tools and insights that support leadership of flexible workplaces.

As part of this focus, in 2017 we launched a Flexible Workplaces Toolkit, embedded in this site, to support the effective implementation and leadership of inclusive and flexible workplaces. The toolkit includes how to: 

Get startedBe a flexible workplaceStay on track
What is workplace flexibility? >
Why flexibility matters >
Flexibility and New Zealand legislation >
Strategy, policy and procedures >
How to lead flexible teams >
Metrics and reporting >
Managing challenges >

To increase workplace flexibility, Champions commit to:

  • Lead inclusive and flexible work cultures that attract, maintain and unlock productivity and maximum potential from top talent
  • Share research, tools and insights for leaders that support the leadership of inclusive workplaces - including shared experience on both the benefits and challenges
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